2014 Morgan Plus 8

The original Morgan Plus 8 of 1969 was a half-timbered hotrod. For a while its Rover V8 engine made it the fastest accelerating car built in Britain, but it never really had enough chassis to cope with its power.

The Plus 8 was killed off in the middle Noughties when the supply of engines ran out. But by then it was overshadowed by the rather more advanced Aero 8.

Now the Plus 8 is back, filling in the gap between Morgan’s traditional roadsters and the Aero Coupe/Supersports, which dabble in £100k-plus luxury GT waters. As such, the new Plus 8 marries the Aero’s bang up-to-date, bonded and riveted aluminium chassis with a traditionally-styled Morgan body.

Only Motors finds out if it can carry on legacy left by the original.

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