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In this edition of Petrolheads

We meet the editor of Retro Ford magazine and builder of one of the most iconic Mk.2 Ford Escorts in the world, Ben Morley.

Ben had always been surrounded by cars as his dad owned a garage. After a early flirtation with Vauxhalls, he discovered a love of rear-wheel-drive Ford Escorts – at one point he owned 30 of the things.

A contact in publishing led to a job working on Retro Ford magazine. He worked his way up the ranks and became editor, when he came up with a madcap scheme to build a track day car in just four days.

The Ford Escort that he bought for the conversion proved troublesome at first, but was gradually developed into a quick and reliable motor. Then Ben decided to rebuild it into a drift car, creating one of the most iconic Escorts on the planet.

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