Can’t Drive Won’t – The Bus

In this edition of Can’t Drive Won’t

Tall Tim is challenged by his best mate, Driver Jim, to learn how to drive an iconic Routemaster London bus.

Tim heads to bus driver training specialists Expeditional, where Pete North and Barry “Bendy” Halls have the unenviable task of giving Only Motors’ resident non-driver a crash course in how to drive a socking-great big bus. Rather quicker than the two or three weeks it would normally take.

Can Tim, with his extremely limited ability behind a steering wheel, successfully complete the challenge and drive the precious Routemaster through a slalom and an obstacle course?

Watch on. And be thankful that the next time you get on a bus, Tall Tim won’t be driving it!

Can’t Drive Won’t follows Tall Tim, a man who cannot drive, attempt to master unlikely vehicles in a series of challenges set by his best mate, Driver Jim. Including a tank, a crop sprayer, a powerboat and a forklift.

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