Can’t Drive Won’t – Fast Parking

In this edition of Can’t Drive Won’t

Tall Tim is challenged by his best mate, Driver Jim, to learn how to fast park.

Tim heads to stunt driving specialists Paul Swift Precision Driving where autotesting champion and movie stunt driver Paul Swift has the difficult task of teaching Only Motors’ resident non-driver how to fast park. Starting with how to actually get the car moving. Because Tim hasn’t driven a car in decades.

Can Tim, with his extremely limited ability behind a steering wheel and even more limited patience, master the precision and control needed to fast park a car with a 180-degree handbrake parallel park?

Watch on.

Can’t Drive Won’t follows Tall Tim, a man who cannot drive, attempt to master unlikely vehicles in a series of challenges set by his best mate, Driver Jim. Including a tank, a crop sprayer, a forklift and a bus.

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