Graham Eason – #Petrolheads

In this edition of Petrolheads

We meet the man behind classic car hire company Great Escape Classic Car Hire, Graham Eason.

Graham’s family doesn’t really have much of an affinity for cars. But his dad had rather left-field taste, buying cars like a Saab 99. A choice that rather informed Graham’s own taste.

After a string of rust buckets, including a much-loved Alfasud, Graham bought an Alfa Romeo Spider. Then he had a brainwave: rather than being sat in the garage costing money, Graham decided to make the car pay for itself by hiring it out. Great Escape Classic Car Hire was born.

Since then, Graham has built a large and varied collection of classics that are hired out to the public and are often used for TV work. The company also stages events and driving adventures.

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