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Honda founder Soichiro Honda wanted to build engines. He figured he’d build vehicles for those engines to go in, as well, initially specialising in motorbikes. By 1959 Honda was the world’s biggest ‘bike manufacturer thanks, in part, to the seminal Super Cub, which is still in production today. More than 60 million have been built, making it the most successful self-propelled vehicle in history.

Honda engines have found their way into everything from generators to aeroplanes. And, of course, cars. Arguably the greatest car in Honda’s history is the legendary NSX, a car built to take on and beat the best European exotica and show that supercars could be used everyday.

Is was launched to massive acclaim in 1991. It was so good that, over the next 14 years, it didn’t change much. A replacement was a long time coming, but the next NSX was finally launched in 2016. And it’s bang-up-to-date, with a hybrid powertrain and four-wheel-drive.

Chris Pollitt went along to the UK launch to drive the new NSX. He got the opportunity to drive its illustrious predecessor, too.

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