Kay Gowrinath – #petrolheads

In this edition of Petrolheads

We meet the man behind Xquisite Automotive,  several cars featured in the Fast & Furious, Kay Gowrinath.

Kay started out tinkering with a Nova on his parents’ driveway. His friends liked what he was doing, so asked him to work on theirs’, too. That set him on a path that led to founding Xquisite Automotive, one of the UK’s best-known car modifying outfits.

Kay and Xquisite’s reputation has travelled around the world. It even reached the producers of the Fast & Furious franchise who commissioned Kay to design and build some of the cars featured in the sixth instalment.

Xquisite also has an on-going relationship with Gumball 3000 stalwarts Team Galag, building a number of cars that the team has driven on the event.

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