Drones – OMP

In this edition of the Only Motors Programme

  • Julia tries out the DJI Inspire drone, a drone with the agility and acceleration of a particularly energetic fly that’s also capable of filming in ultra-high quality 4k. From an altitude of 1,000ft. Two miles away.
  • Tim reviews the BMW 535d, an executive express with enough torque to reverse the rotation of the Earth, in his own inimitable style. A style that defies description, so it’s easier just to watch.
  • James goes behind the scenes on a film shoot where Gymkhana racer Jake Archer is tearing around a tyre warehouse in a highly modified Subaru Impreza.
  • And all three presenters go head-to-head (sort of) at the Thruxton race circuit to find out which is faster, a top-of-the-range remote controlled car, a drifting Razor Crazy Cart or a proper racing go-kart.

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