The Archives – Episode 2

In this edition of Only Motors – The Archives:

  • Robin Bark of Robin Bark Motor Art shows us how he turns cars into wonderfully tactile, absolutely beautiful sculptures.
  • Tall Tim meets John Bitmead of Attitude Autos, creator of a full-size, road legal Little Tikes Car.
  • John Curtis takes us for a ride in the Porsche 997 Turbo, one of the most devastatingly effective sports cars there has ever been.
  • We visit mentalist sports car maker Ariel, take a tour and find out about the history of car company determined to do things its own way.
  • Tall Tim takes the controls of the DJI Inspire drone, a drone with the agility of a fly that can shoot 4k video from 1,000ft up and two miles away.
  • We review the astonishing, all-electric Tesla Model S to find out if it might just be the future of motoring.

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