Signature Car Hire visit

The trouble with supercars is that they’re very expensive. Massively expensive, in fact. And not just to buy. Once you’ve handed the cheque to the dealer you’ve got to service it, insure it and put fuel in it. Before you know it, you’ve hit your credit card limit and you can’t pay for dinner.

But there is another way – you can hire one. It takes all the hassle and cost out of actually owning a supercar. You only pay for it when you want to use it and not when it’s just sat in the garage, gathering dust. You do still have to pay for fuel, though. You can’t have everything, after all.

Signature are one of the premier luxury and supercar hire companies in the UK, renting everything from Minis to Range Rovers, and from Rolls-Royces to Ferraris. Only Motors paid a visit to Signature HQ to find out what they do and how they do it.

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