Slick Attire

Let’s say you’re in the market for a motoring-themed t-shirt. But you have no interest in F1, don’t want to be a walking billboard for a particular marque, or want more than a pretty picture of a car on your chest.

That is where Slick Attire comes in. It offers a hugely eclectic range of designs, from bold depictions of Le Mans racers, to subtle images of iconic corners, to anything else at all that sparks the imagination of designer Dan Rooms.

Graphic designer Dan was inspired to start Slick Attire after a ‘that would look good on a t-shirt’ moment at Le Mans. These days he finds his inspiration just about anywhere and is constantly turning out new designs.

If you want to display your love of all things motoring to the world with a t-shirt bearing a design that’s a bit different and interesting, Slick Attire is the place to go.

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