Classic Sunbeam Alpine owner Anthony Owen

If you look hard enough you can find an enthusiast following for literally every old car. Take the Sunbeam Alpine. Launched in 1975, it was an innovative thing, being one of the first large, front-wheel-drive hatchbacks. But it was desperately dull to drive and made from steel that would start rusting at the mere suggestion of rain.

The Alpine never sold that well in the UK and in the 30 years since production stopped, that rampaging oxidisation and complete indifference to it mean that survivors are incredibly rare. Well, we say ‘complete indifference’, but it is one of those old cars that, somewhat surprisingly, has a small but dedicated owners club.

That owners club was at the NEC Classic Motor Show, where James Fothergill had a chat with member Anthony Owen, who’s had Alpines ever since he started driving and owns quite possibly the best example in the country.

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