Tyrone Fuller of Riviera Autobody

Bodyshops are a lot like doctors. Nobody really wants to have to go to one and if you do, something bad has happened. But Riviera Autobody is different.

It is not the kind of bodyshop that straightens out bent Fiat Puntos. It is the kind of bodyshop that restores Audi Quattros. And builds bespoke Porsche 911s. And creates wild bodywork for mental Mazda RX-7s.

Basically, Riviera is the place you go to if you want to revive your unloved classic, modify your VW camper or just create something a bit weird and wonderful.

Paul Woodford went to meet the main man at Riviera Autobody, Tyrone Fuller, and talk about what he does, what makes him tick and the dangers of eBay.

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